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That was... odd...

The announcement... kinda scared me... So, spirits, ghosts and other creatures... really do exist? Wow... I always thought... they existed only in fairytales...

Yuuko-san and Watanuki-san weren't too surprised about that, though... Maybe they knew it all along? I... I don't know what to think... I just hope... nobody gets hurt again...

Yay, I met new people!

Yesterday I was in the park, trying to heal people, but everyone was... scared of me? I was desperate. But then this boy, Watanuki-san, came up to me and tried to cheer me up. And he totally did! He even bought me ice cream! <3 He's so kind...

And I also have a place to stay! Yup, I'll be staying at Watanuki's boss' shop. Her name is Yuuko and she didn't seem bothered by me. She's very mysterious... and Watanuki-san said something about wishes, but he wouldn't tell me anything else. I wonder why?

Anyway, now Watanuki-san is my common sense and he said we should go to school together! I wonder what's the school like? I'm so excited!

Hi, everyone!

Wow~, the inner city is so big! For a moment I thought I was lost!
There are people everywhere. It's completely different from the place I come from! Yay, I'm so excited!! :D

Anyway, I'm Kobato Hanato and I really hope I'll become good friend with everyone! I'll do my best! ^_^


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